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About us?

At LYSUR we work every day to offer a comprehensive, efficient and quality logistics service. Being specialized in the transit, storage, handling and packaging of fertilizers, phytosanitary products and industrial products, we go one step further and continue to innovate in order to provide an increasingly complete and versatile service. 

Among other things, our state of the art facilities allow us to produce customized fertilizers and apply micronutrient and inhibitor coatings. Services such as sieving and lump removal complete our offer aimed at the agricultural and industrial sector.  

Thanks to the strategic location of our different sites, we cover both land and sea transit. The container loading or the unloading coordination and control at the port, adapted to the needs and planning of our customers, make us a reference partner.

It should be noted that, at LYSUR, we follow strict quality standards and we are known for valuing the health and safety of our workers, as well as caring for the environment. All our work is recognized and endorsed by ISO 9001, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001 certifications.

Our commitment

What makes us special?

Our transit, storage, handling and packaging services meet the highest quality standards. The safety of goods before, during and after transport, as well as our fast delivery, are the basis of our efficient and effective service.

At LYSUR we value respect and care for the environment. A clear proof of this is the ISO 14001 certification and the continuous improvement measures regarding management and reduction of waste and energy efficiency, applied in all our facilities.

Our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to serve effectively and efficiently the whole national territory. We have a large packaging and storage capacity, a total automation of the palletizing process and a high level of computerization.

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Our team

Meet the LYSUR team

Ignacio Romero


Ext. 5571

Sandra Martínez

Production and Quality Manager

Ext. 5550

Jose Luis Llamas

Head of Intralogistics

Ext. 5551

Alicia Pérez

Traffic Clerk

Ext. 5559

Rafael Morilla

Traffic Clerk

Ext. 5558

Belén Borrero

Traffic Clerk

Ext. 5558

Ana María Bravo

Production Area Administration

Ext. 5558

José Manuel Camero

Shift coordinator

Ext. 5555

Andrés González

Shift coordinator

Ext. 5560